Sustainability Integration in Logistics Cannot Be Ignore Anymore

By Alok Raj Gupta, Founder & CEO, ENVECOLOGIC

Logistics is an essential part of any business, which can’t be overlooked as a lot of competitive edge depends on it. Integrating sustainability in this sector means that we are minimising the resources (fuel) consumed and negative impact (emissions) on the environment. In this article, I am focusing on major factors which can drive sustainability integration in the logistics sector in India.

One could think achieving sustainability will be in conflict with the goal of making profits, though this is far from reality. However, the truth is that the road to sustainability ends up in many other lucrative things like efficiency, reduction in costs and larger profit margins.Read More

Post Demonetization and  GDP growth in Q3-2017 : Needs to take Review

The recently published  news by Central Statistic Organization (CSO)  that, GDP grew at a healthy rate of 7.3% in the October-December quarter despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization move, declared on 8th Noember 2016 and run almost  two months   is not an easy but as serious as to search diagnosis for abnormal growth. Because the whole picture and parameter’s at global level is now changing if the GDP growth is continue by 7% or above. The debate on demonetization is going on from last four months.Read More


Author – Minna Joshi, Legal Advisor, Domestic & Multinational Banks

The World’s production of hydrocarbons has for a long time been held at stake, due to the marginalisation of fields. Marginal fields, by definition are fields that, at a given point in time, were not considered viable for production, due to numerous factors such as geological, geographical, technological, legislative, and political to economical. In the recent past, war and economic sanctions have caused even large fields across the globe such as those in Russia, Africa and Afghanistan, to be treated as ‘marginal’. However, with any of these factors changing, such fields could potentially become commercially viable.Read More