Baumer Focused On Superlative Quality

The Make in India campaign was initiated to simplify investments, nurture innovations, build top notch manufacturing infrastructure and enhance skill development across the nation. Mr Shyam Warialani, Managing Director, Baumer Technologies India Private Limited aspire the initiative to succeed and shares his views on innovations, automation and focuses on producing finest quality of Indian products in International Market.

Q- Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India is one of the biggest initiatives to help the Indian manufacturing sector, what is your opinion on the same and how will it boost the oil and gas industry?

Shyam: Yes, I think Make in India will be a successful initiative; however the Government as well as industrialist both will have to play their role dedicatedly to achieve the ambitious goals of enhancing the economy. Presently, India ranks 130th from 190 countries in the latest World Bank’s 2016 ‘Doing Business’ report which reveals the country’s ease of doing business index. To outshine the Make in India campaign, the Indian products should gain the credibility and reputability of International Standards. Our industries can create and manufacture the products of good quality, though we have to maintain the constancy in the market. In the oil and gas sector – the upstream or the downstream industry requires plenty of exotic metallurgy which is unavailable in the Indian market and thus we are dependent on the imported products. If we work on the control system and instrumentation segment, we can definitely overcome the technology complexity and low scale production which will eventually enhance the Indian industries.

Q- According to you, will Make in India initiative inspire Indian entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector?

Shyam: The Make in India campaign is definitely inspiring but the Indian entrepreneurs also desire government’s support with respect to the compliance segment of the establishments. Even today, the entrepreneurs are relied on the compliance agencies and unfortunately have to experience unprofessional attitude. The compliance agencies and the bureaucrats need to implement professional attitude and evolve in the changing business environment, thus stand as a veracious intermediary between the organisations and the government.

The authorities also need to focus on reviving the capital investments used for manufacturing which are apparently very high along with the prevailing interest rates, as it has been increasing the cost of the products, making them uncompetitive in the international market.

Q – Innovations being Baumer’s forte, do you think such initiative will help in boosting the productions?

Shyam: Baumer surely has lot of innovative products; our sensor division has many innovative sensors such as Motion Control, Vision technologies and Sensor Solutions. Since, automation is acquired from developed nations and even today our products are deployed by these respective automation machinery manufacturers. However, we have commenced manufacturing on the process instrumentation segments with several products such as Gauge for CNG gas pressure in automotive Industry and mechanical assemblies with exotic material are now machined and supplied to our group companies which were earlier imported from various countries.

Q – Request you to address the challenges faced by Baumer Technologies in the past and what are the current challenges in the industry? Also could you share the strategy implemented by Baumer to overcome the challenges?

Shyam: Our industry’s mechanical process instrument segment requires lot of skilled manpower like qualified welders or calibrators but unfortunately we lack the skilled manpower as in current era, many people opt to work in urban areas as shopping mall staff or call centre employees. These job profiles don’t require physical hardship and comparatively provide comfortable working environment.

Often as an organisation, we struggle to employ quality metallurgy as India’s vast metal market is controlled by traders which cause immense inconvenience to manufacture the products. In order to overcome this challenge, we have introduced as well as applied several strategies in our process system and implementing automatic welding using latest welding equipment or by deploying Robots are few of those strategies which have helped us in our struggle to find skilled manpower.

In the interest to achieve good quality product persistently, we have developed some tools such as semi and automatic machines which ensures that workers follow the entire process and doesn’t bypass any of the check process or testing process. The use of Lean/six sigma, 5s methodology has over a period helped us in moving to good edge over the competition.

Q – We request you to share your broad portfolio in the oil and gas sector?

Shyam: Our organisation is fundamentally in sensor business wherein we create products for pressure temperature and level measurement which are widely used in the Oil and Gas industries and all the other process oriented industries.

Baumer India is our additional independent entity, dealing in sensor business but caters Factory automation.

Q – Could you kindly share the current production capacity and what are Baumer India’s strategies for future? Also is Baumer Technologies India planning expansion?

Shyam: With the Oil and Gas industry still lying low, we are currently focusing on discovering new markets in the domestic as well as international market. We are developing gauges for automotive industry and products for process industry which can stand for better quality in the International market. Our current production capacity produces approximately 5, 00,000 plus Gauges/Sensors per annum.

Q- With large-scale automation happening in manufacturing, some experts say using manufacturing to create large-scale jobs be an outdated concept. May we request you to share your thoughts?

Shyam: Yes, I do agree to a certain degree as unavailability of sufficient as well as inefficient skilled workers, organisations have started opting for automation in the industry. The automation is very much readily available in the market and they also ensure reliability to the users. Though in India, if we need to produce the products, it should deliver high quality as well as needs to opt for higher volumes in order to stay competitive in the local market and in the International market. Well, to achieve our vision, we require availability of better capital at low interest. I would say that it is a catch 22 for the industry and thus needs to be addressed by the government.

Q -While the government of India is pushing the industrial sectors towards sustainability, we request you to share how is Baumer India pitching towards sustainability?

Shyam: Sustainability with growth can be achieved from large scale production along with superior quality and to produce with better quality means deployments of automation, better process and higher investments available at low cost. We at Baumer Technologies are moving ahead step by step, trying to blend the technology and skilled work force to achieve the sustainability

Q- Where do you think we will see key growth areas in the oil and gas industry in the next few years?

Shyam: It is difficult to comment as the Oil and Gas industry has been waiting for past few years to be revived. Countries around the world are competing with each other to produce maximum output which eventually has led to reduce the oil prices.

Apart from that the geopolitical tension prevailing in several countries such as Russia, Middle East, Turkey and Syria doesn’t seem to end anytime sooner which has immensely disturbed the oil and gas market. The refining and other downstream industries are already producing mass scale of production with maximum automation deployed and apparently this process will not reduce the cost of production. It is challenging to say which sectors of Oil and Gas would perform better as there are huge investment being casted in other alternate source of energy and fuel like solar, air, electric etc.